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EMAIL: [email protected] |
PHONE: +680 767 2452/1126 |
FAX: +680 767 3354

Administration And Planning


The major overseeing section for the BCHP, the administration section has several responsibilities and roles, including:

(1) Implementing Sections 106 and 110 of the U.S NHPA and Title 19 of the Palau National Code.

(2) Overseeing the operations of the other BCHP sections, making sure that the goals and objectives of these sections are met.

(3) Maintaining rapport and coordinating projects with local, state, and traditional governments, and other related agencies and organizations.

(4) Ensuring the efficiency and quality of BCHP operations by continually seeking avenues for additional staff training and education, funding for project operations and equipment, and other technical needs.

(5) Management and processing of grants and funds.

(6) Publishing of the booklets, pamphlets, and other information about Palau’s cultural heritage.

(7) Planning future goals and plans to ensure successful completion of set goals and objectives.

(8) Historical Clearance Review tasks.

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