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EMAIL: [email protected] |
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FAX: +680 767 3354

Bureau of Cultural and Historical Preservation/
Palau Historic Preservation Office

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Mission Statement

The Bureau of Cultural and Historical preservation protects and preserves the historical and cultural resources of the Republic of Palau for both present and future generations. This is done by conducting archaeological surveys, promoting site registration, restoration, and interpretation, and implementing oral history and ethnography documentation to ensure that opportunities for education and enjoyment of Palau's cultural heritage is available for everyone.


The Bureau of Cultural and Historical Preservation, also known as the Palau Historic Preservation Office, was created in 1978 and is mandated under Title 19, Chapter 1 of the Palau National Code to ensure the preservation of Palau’s historic and cultural heritage. To meet this responsibility, the BCHP is divided into five working sections, each engaged in a specific aspect of historic and cultural preservation. The focus of these working sections includes: (1) the administration of overall BCHP operations; (2) the survey and inventory of cultural, historical, and archaeological sites and historic clearance review process; (3) the nomination, registration, and restoration of sites; (4) public education and outreach.

Plan Objectives

The BCHP is responsible for ensuring the preservation of Palau’s historical and cultural heritage. By conducting archaeological survey and inventory, nominating and registering sites to the Palau Register, recording and preserving traditional culture and oral history, and engaging in public education, it is hoped that this plan can be used to help all of Palau develop effective strategies for historical and cultural preservation, as well as to help educate both present and future generations about Palau’s cultural heritage.

Code of Conduct

Given the importance of every historical site to Palauans in terms of their history and culture and the concerns that exist in regards to its future, those visiting the site should not engage in any type of behavior or activity that disturbs the integrity of the site or diminishes the respect that should be accorded to it. Therefore, because of the importance and sensibility surrounding all the historical sites, the Palau Historic Preservation Office would like to emphasize the following guidelines: (1) Remember to take everything you brought to the site with you when you leave; (2) Do not remove anything from the site. Although you may not think something is not significant to the site, all pieces make up the whole; (3) Remember that many sites include culturally sensitive areas and therefore behavior should always be respectful.

19 PNC Chapter 1 § 181:

It shall be unlawful for any person to take, appropriate, excavate, injure, destroy, or alter any registered historical sites or cultural properties deemed eligible for inclusion on the Palau Register of Historic Places. Any person violating any provision of this Act shall be polished pursuant to all applicable laws.



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