The Ministry of Human Resources, Culture,
Tourism and Development.

EMAIL: [email protected] |
PHONE: +680 767 2452/1126|
FAX: +680 767 3354
EMAIL: [email protected] |
PHONE: +680 767 2452/1126 |
FAX: +680 767 3354

Mission and Vision


We are the Ministry of Human Resources, Culture, Tourism, and Development—also known as MHRTCD. We recognize that our people
and culture are our most valuable assets. We aspire to ensure Palauans and the youth of Palau are accorded the best opportunities to
succeed in the areas of tourism, the arts and business development. We are here to build a confident and resilient Palau and what that
means is a fulfilled and engaged people with a vibrant community living in a cohesive and caring society.



“A Kot A Chad ra Belau” MHRCTD is all about putting Palauan People First – and that means ensuring life enriching opportunities in
human resource, culture, tourism and economic development for a successful life are made available to our people. We are here to strike
the balance between preserving our ancient culture, customs and traditions while inspiring youth innovation and modernization. After all,
we are part of the global world however we must take strides to ensure our language and cultural identity remains intact into the future.

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