The Ministry of Human Resources, Culture,
Tourism and Development.

EMAIL: [email protected] |
PHONE: +680 767 2452/1126|
FAX: +680 767 3354
EMAIL: [email protected] |
PHONE: +680 767 2452/1126 |
FAX: +680 767 3354

Report Government Corruption

Report Infringement on Labor Laws

The Ministry of Human Resources, Culture, Tourism and Development’s Bureau of Human Resources is committed to fostering and promoting the welfare of employees and employers in the Republic of Palau in order to improve the following:

  • Working conditions
  • Services
  • Work related benefits
  • Rights for employees
  • Support employers in maintaining profitable businesses and organizations

In doing so, we ask citizens and residents to partner with us to report any illegal activity or conduct by resident and non-resident workers and/or businesses.

All information provided here will be kept confidentially. Furthermore, the Ministry of HRCTD will attempt to contact all submitters who leave contact information with the end determination from the Ministry of HRCTD. The Ministry of HRCTD does accept anonymous reports, but encourages individuals to share contact information with the Ministry of HRCTD in order to further the potential for successful investigations.

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