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EMAIL: [email protected] |
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FAX: +680 767 3354

Survey and Inventory/ Archaeology


The responsibilities for the Survey and Inventory/ Archaeology section include:
  1. Implementing Title 19, Chapter 1 of the Palau National Code and Section 106 of the U.S NHPA.
  2. Historical Clearance Review Process.
  3. Reconnaissance survey of Palau’s islands for culturally and historically significant site identification and evaluation (these include, but are not limited to, prehistoric and historic sites, important cultural landscapes, and other architecturally important buildings or areas which are more than 50 years old).
  4. Inspection surveys and historic preservation reviews of capital improvements projects.
  5.  Interviewing appropriate authorities and related organizations and/ or individuals to compile historic cultural data for preservation purposes.
  6. Salvage surveys for mitigation developments projects.
  7. Preparation of field survey reports and maps.
  8. Analysis of survey data and recommendations for further action or study.
  9. Evaluation of historic and cultural buildings or properties which do not fall under the 50-year mark for restoration, and maintenance.
  10. Completion of Palau Site Register forms with data from identified sites.
  11. Entering site data into computerized GIS and Access database.
  12. Temporary curation of artifacts and records and human remains disposition.
  13. Safeguarding cultural resources. 

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